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Friday, 13-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Yamseng Penang 13/5 till 15/5/2005

Pre-breakfast walk along Bangkok Lane towards our Gerai
Selera Nuri - as usual,Arab is trying to con the Thosai man!
Look closely at the two beautiful anak Mami in the backround
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We met up at Liburg's place for a strategic meeting....where to have breakfast! Apparently,Kak Pah is very familiar with Penang & recommended for us to try the Apam Telur at Pulau Tikus area......
Yes,it was very very nice! I think we had almost three or four plates (mind you,each plate consist of around 5 or six pieces!) & no more left to order......of course,breakfast (lunch?) also included a few (understatement of the year!) thosai & mee/kuihtiew goreng (Kak Pah bought it next door!) plus countless Teh & Nescafe Tarik!
Dont ask me but the Ladies decided to go to the Air Hitam wet market....as expected,our Arab is the "gentleman" who would accommpany Kak Pah & Ainon going around the rather "wet" market.
After buying the smelly belacan & other "native" stuff,we proceeded to Bukit Bendera... unfortunately the trains are not operating at the moment...so took a few pictures & proceeded to the Botanical Gardens..to meet up with Syed's "cousins".
Surprisingly,we did not see any of Syed's "cousins"...maybe too hot.....only Liburg & afs walked around the Park...very nice. Arab has to care of the ladies again & adjourned to the Park's Cafe for a drink of fresh Coconut (naughty,naugthy).

"Reluctantly" when John Huru Hara arrived,we had to go for lunch.......at Kelawai Fishead & of course ordered almost everything in the restaurant! Come to think of it,I think all the fishes in Penang are swimming around without their heads!

After that late lunch,John & afs went to an Internet cafe to update Kutus on our programme in Penang...also to spend time at the Gurney Plaza, "washing" our eyes looking at the beautiful girls of Penang....after some shopping,we went back to the apartment for a little bit of rest.
We decided to skip dinner & have supper of soup Torpedo instead! And this time Yamseng & his brother would join us for supper at Sop Hameed,Penang Road.

Got back around midnight after a twirl around George town by night - got to be fit for tomorrow morning boat trip around the Island.
To be continued......

Thursday, 12-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Yamseng Penang 13/5 till 15/5/2005

Even the cars are "eating" at Minah's!
Liburg's car not allowed because it's German!
Before the "kill" (Kak Pah,Ainon, Liburg & Syed)
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The recce team consisting of Liburg & Kak Pah and Arab & Ainon plus Driver (afs) arrived at Penang around 1200hrs - one car via the Ferry (for romantic reasons) & one via the Bridge (Liburg & Kak Pah too hungry!).
We headed straight for Minah Restaurant in Gelugor & had our fill!
After that we dropped by to see Yamseng Lee at his mother's house......of course eating our "buah tangan" that we brought for his mother! Great to meet him for the first time after 35 years......a lot of change but for the better.
After checking-in our respective apartments,we visited Liburg's place at Leisure Cove & had some fruits plus plus...Syed almost had dinner! We also paid a visit to the DoReMe Cafe at Tanjung Bungah,just by the side of Crown Jewel Hotel....met Firdaus (one of the partners of the Cafe) to firm up on our BBQ dinner on Saturday night-14th May 2005 especially the Kambing leg....wow,cost a bomb!
Also went to the "base" where our touring boat is kept...just in front of Ferringhi Beach Hotel & walked around the "pub" on the beach....our boatman,Alex was not around.

At night,of course we must have our "real" Nasi Kandar - none other than at "Line Clear" where it must be a "kuah taruh atas" style (must admit rather too primitive for me...what to do must be with the "peasants"!)....as usual forgot to warn the server to "stop" putting on the kuah on the plate,so it was a little bit too "flushed" for my taste...dont worry about my friends,they managed to "wallop" (pardon the language!) all except the plate itself! Unfortunately, Yamseng Lee could not make it for tonight's makan.....anyway I dont think the rats running around the area would notice his absence!

It was a rather long day so we all went back for an early night.

Friday, 6-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Promo - Kutu Yamseng Visit to Penang

Our Bachelor's pad!
Our Sampan!
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One of our batchmate at RMC of Kelas 67, Lee Eng Kong aka Yamseng Lee is coming back from Australia for a visit to his hometown,Penang from 10th May 2005 till about 18th May 2005.
So we decided to give him a good welcome-back since most of us have not seen him for almost 35 years! Thats a long time....except for regular email communication & a few photos circulated in our Egroup,we have not met him physically.
Our programme is as follows:
13th May 2005 - Most of us arriving in Penang & checking-in our "bachelors" pad or those with spouses have to find their own accommodation - Free & Easy afternoon - Evening of Nasi Kandar - Supper at Gurney Drive
14th May 2005 - A round the Island boat trip in the morning - Lunch at Kelawai Fish Head Curry - Sleeping in the afternoon! BBQ of Lamb & Seafood at DoReMe on the Beach
15th May2005 - Nasi Kandar for Breakfast? Lazy morning & getting ready to go home.

The doctors will be waiting for us at home after the "heavy-eating" programme in Penang!

Tuesday, 3-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Dade in Aidah's room
Dade is recovering
Better two days later
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Had to sent Dade the Cat to the Vet for shampoo & flea treatment...with his temper (or is it natural instinct?),the Vet is afraid of him,so has to put him under sedation before the treatment.
We don't like it but it has to be done...he was still drowsy when he came back that 26th April's evening,so as usual will retreat to Aidah's room upstairs.
Slowly recovering over the next two days & of course fully recovered from 1st May 2005 onwards...now back to his normal self.
Ayesha has promised to take care of her monthly shampoo & flea treatment WITHOUT sedation.

Tuesday, 26-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kutu's Challenge at 50

Sending-off party at Subang
Checking-in at Subang
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Our target is to get to the top of Mt.Kinabalu (4095.2 metres or 13,455 ft above sea level) on 19th April 2001.

The Kutu Mag Seven (7) team consisting of Ahmad Fadzil Samsudin (afs), John O'Hara (Huru Hara), Kennneth Teh Ah Kiam (Ken Teh aka Milo-man),Ramli Idris (Liburg),Suhaimi Abdul Ghani (Tsunami),Syed Hashim (Arab) & Zubir Zainal Abidin (Zoob the Joob).

For the uninitiated,"Kutus" is the nickname for the Batch of Class 67' of the Royal Military College,Sungei Besi,Kuala Lumpur

So we organised a comprehensive & relaxed programme of achieving the Kutu's Challenge at 50 from 16th April 2001 till 20th April 2001 - staying at Promenade Hotel,KK,proceed to Kinabalu Pine Resort,start the climb & stay at Laban Rata,descent to Karambunai Resort for a breather & fly back home.

Great time - a numbing & humbling experience for a group of 50 years old who are still together after 35 years!

Next target - Mount Everest? Hah Hah Hah!

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