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Thursday, 16-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aidah's UM 100th Years celebration - 16th June 2005

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Monday, 13-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kutus TTS at TTDI Penang Nasi Kandar on 10th June 2005

Why are we waiting?
Just ordered
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This session was called by default! Actually a Kutu,who shall remain nameless wanted a "passport" to go out that night but his mistake was to put it on the KutuCyberway...thats it,being straightforward,innocent etc etc......it was made official!
In the end,eight Kutus turned up & as usual Mat Rub went to the wrong place (would you believe he went to Lotus in Ampang?) Lucky we dont have a War at the moment,if not our naval ships would end up at the other end of the world!
Great time as usual....ended up around 2330hrs & unfortunately I had to accompany John Huru Hara to show the way to his apartment....typical long winded lawyer,we found the correct way around 0200hrs....Just think what we do for another Kutu!

Thursday, 2-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Trip to JB 26/5/2005 to 28/5/2005

Uncle Abdullah Don aka Harimau Malaya & afs
Syed having his breakfast - note the time!
Ainon got to serve this lazy Arab!
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26th May 2005 - Left KL at 0730hrs together with Syed,Ainon & their helper with Syed's car from RSGC....arrived JB at 1130hrs & straight away proceeded to Royal Johore Golf Club & had a game of Golf with Darwis together with Syed.

Forgotten that RJGC is a "walking" course.....very very tired! But a very nice tingling feeling EVERYWHERE!

27th May 2005 - Had a nice chat with Syed father-in-law, Abdullah Don aka Harimau Malaya during his heydays in playing football in 1950s.
Played Golf in the afternoon at Pulai Springs Resort for the OPA Southern Chapter game...fortunately it was a buggy course!
Buffet Dinner at the Resort hosted by OP Chua Jui Ling.....attended by OPA President Halim Ali (a non-golfer)......after that too tired to go anywhere & headed straight home.

28th May 2005 - Left JB for KL at 1000hrs & arrived in KL around 1400hrs.

Thank You Syed & especially Ainon (Mrs Syed) for the kind hospitality of hosting me at their house in Johore Bahru.......certainly a special thanks to Uncle Abdullah Don (Ainon's father) for keeping me entertained throughout the few days I was in JB.

Thursday, 19-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
TTS in honour of Yamseng Lee

Syed adjusting his trousers before eating!
Syed,Liburg,Hamid V & Doc Olmo - Four stooges
Zoob,Pedro,Yamseng & Pak Pin
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The Kutus had a Teh Tarik Session (TTS) as a farewell do for our Yamseng Lee Eng Kong at Lotus,Ampang starting at 2100hrs.
Among the topics raised was the planning of a Kutu activity in the Belum Forest (three days & two nights session...of course with the proper military environment with a "little" help from Kutu Aziz Zainal)....most current topic is the forthcoming OPA Annual Dinner on 18th June 2005 at the KLCC Convention Centre where we have got THREE tables to fill up.

Just for record the FIFTEEN (15) Kutus attended the TTS tonight:
John Huru Hara,afs,Pedro,Zoob,Doc Olmo,Yamseng Lee (of course!), Tsunami,Pak Pin, Liburg, Bob,Feisal,Hamid V,Arab,Ahmad Ramli & Canned Teh.

Great night & Farewell my friend,Yamseng Lee......who is going back to Aussieland & make sure you join us for the Belum Forest Expedition in 2006.

Saturday, 14-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Yamseng Penang 13/5/2005 till 15/5/2005

John & afs -ready
Syed,John & afs
Syed's PDA
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We were up very early in the morning & after a hearty breakfast of Roti Telur Bawang at the gerai just beside the Tanjung Bungah "Floating" Mosque started our boating journey from the Pusat Kegiatan Sukan Air at Tanjung Bungah...just a short walk from the gerai.

Syed & Ainon had to go back to KL....so the boat is lighter now!

The boat trip would take us anti-clockwise around Penang Island starting from Tanjung Bungah & going around passing Teluk Bahang & proceeding southwards on the west side of Penang right down to the bottom,then going eastwards at the southern tip of the Island...stopping at Pulau Rimau for a short break & also at Teluk Tempoyak for coffee...later proceeded passing Pulau Jerejak & going under the Penang Bridge,passing Georgetown & going upwards passing Gurney Drive,Tanjung Tokong & back to Tanjung Bungah.
Just follow the caption on the photos which are self-explanatory.

We had a late lunch/tea at Craven Nasi Kandar nearby Tanjung Bungah....actually by the time we (Pedro,John,Yamseng & afs) arrived around 1500hrs,Liburg & Kak Pah had already their fill! So they had "dessert" (actually still carry on eating) while we had our fish head curry etc etc.......after that all of us went back to our apartments for a well-deserved rest before our BBQ dinner at DoReMe Cafe tonite.

Great venue for a BBQ & weather was nice,breezy & warm.....only setback is that our kambing (goat meat) was too tough maybe due to age of goat or not-very-good marinating. Well,whatever it is...good company & a lot of drinks kept things going!

Around 2300hrs,John & afs decided to show our Aussie Kutu the nite-life of Penang....etc etc etc....all we remembered was that we got back safely!

15th June 2005 - As usual this Aussie cum Nepalese-trained monk Yamseng was up very early in the morning on Sunday,cleaning up the apartment...come to think of it,should have got him to stay together very much earlier!

After sending Yamseng back to his sister's place at Gurney Drive,John & afs proceeded back home......afs dropped off at Ipoh & John went back to Kuala Lumpur.

Great,Great four days in the life of Kutus!

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