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Wednesday, 6-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kutus TTS at Gazebo,Subang Jaya 6th July 2005

John & Azharuddin - early arrivals
John & afs trying to look slim!
Dollah & John
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This TTS was organised to honour the presence of Kutu Christopher Frederick Moses ("A" company) who is back in Malaysia for a short break - he & family currently based in Melbourne.

We decided to try out a new place for a TTS,so we got Dollah Haron's recommendation which is The Gazebo at Subang Jaya...nice comfortable place,a bit pricey but nice food.

We had 14 kutus together with one Kuti (Betty Fong) who attended the TTS...the Kutus who turned up were Christopher (well,he got no choice!), John Huru Hara, afs, Dollah Haron, Azharrudin, Hamid V, Pedro, Liburg, Syed Hashim, Tsunami, Tan Bee Huat, Ahmad Termidzi, Bob & Rich Fong. :

Great time as usual...same old stories ( a few adaptions,of course)...this time we had a lecture on Medicines by Dr? Hamid V- Arts class student (incidentally,he is also an hypochondriac) & also giving us a rather descriptive show on how his doctors check for prostate cancer! We have to tell him that this "method" is already out-of-date!

What a guy! We ended up around 0030hrs with Azharuddin buying the last round

Sunday, 3-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tiger Orchid at Ampang

3th July 2005 - budding stage
7th July 2005 - starts to bloom
7th July 2005
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The precious Tiger Orchid (Grammatophyllum speciosum) was planted by Mama many years ago & apparently its first bloom was almost ten (10) years after planting! It only flowers once a year - normally in the month of July - but it was in November in 2004 (only 4 stalks).

Known as the giant of Orchids & quite rare.

I will be following the progress of this 2005's bloom from 3rd July 2005.

Latest update 14th August 2005 - flowers already wilting

Friday, 24-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
TTS - Georgie Boy on 22nd June 2005

Ucop looking very suspiciously at my can of ginger ale!
Khalili with his beloved Salha..KC Aman checking sms from wife!
Zoob trying to show the extra muscle on Doc Olmo due to cycling!
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The Kutus had a Teh Tarik Session (TTS) at Lotus Ampang in honour of Kutu George Lopez's visit to Malaysia this year
Most of us were there at 2100hrs & as usual the infamous latecomer Tawfik who came with his son & nephew...passport?
The following 15 Kutus & 1 Kuti attended -
Georgie Boy - of course,no %$#* choice!
Doc Olmo
Aman Shah
Khalili & Salha
John Huru Hara
Syed Hashim "Arab"
Yusof aka Hashim Ismail aka Ucop
Tan Boon Keng
Mat Rabi aka Mat Rub
Amir Pujangga

Apologies received from=
Charlie Bamba
Tsunami - underwater in Miri
Rashid Rahim
Tham Yew Kong
Pak Pin - in Singapore..wow!
Chandrakumar - in China
Feisal - in Alor Setar
Farit - also in Alor Setar
Muzammal - in Sydney
Azimuddin - sending daugther to Airport
Dr Siddiq - doctor with food poisoning?
Arof - my SUO so have to mention his name!

After our usual rubbish talk & a lot of mamak food & Teh Tarik,we left the place around 2245hrs.

Georgie Boy,we will miss you mate & hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, 21-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
OPA Dinner 18th June 2005

George meeting Othman Majid after almost 35 years!
Pedro helping Liburg in counting the Kutu's collection
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The Annual dinner of the OPA was held at the KLCC Convention Centre where there were 140 tables booked! In our case it was a really Kutus Nite where we had three tables booked by our Kutu Feisal, Amir & Othman Majid.
On top of all that,our Kutu Jomo became the OP of the year 2005....what else can we ask for?
In total,there were 28 kutus (24 on the normal tables & 4 on the VIP tables).
The Kutus who attended were George Lopez,Patrick Hong Gay, afs, John OHara, Aziz Youp, Zubir, Ismail Mustapha, Suhaimi, Ariffin Hew,Ramli Idris,Roshdi,Feisal, Hamid Joned, Syed Hashim,Ahmad Ramli,Bakar Salleh,Amir Abbas,Arof Ishak, Tan Bee Huat, Dr Rashid Ibrahim, Kenneth Teh, Azharuddin,Dr Siddiq,Tawfik Ismail, Othman Majid,Jomo,Aziz Zainal & Mat Rabi
We also gave our own Award "Kutu in recognition" to Pujangga Amir for his undying assistance & support to the Kutus throughout this year especially to the Kutu Fraternity of Cyclists (KFC).
Great Great Unforgettable Night for the Kutus

Monday, 20-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
OPA 35th AGM 18th June 2005

A view of the audience in the hall
President Halim Ali & his boys
Three Blind Mice - well,Kutus!
The Old Putera Association (OPA) had the 35th AGM at the Plenery Hall on the 3rd Floor of the KLCC Convention Centre at 1030hrs....around 115 OPs attended the AGM but in that big hall,it looks empty! Anyway only three Kutus attended the AGM,namely Syed Hashim (Arab), George Lopez (Georgie boy) all the way from Australia & afs.
The new President of OPA is Habibur Rahman & the new Secretary I is Micheal Tan...most important the line-up of the Committee members is biased towards the younger set which is very good for the future running of the OPA.

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