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Friday, 22-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
On the way back to Ipoh via Gua Musang after ARZ Road-to-55

KB Mall
Zoob having his half-boiled eggs - Yukkkk
ARZ giving his khutbah & niece,Kartika & kids listening!
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After a hearty breakfast at Ali Khan Restaurant,Kota Bharu, we left for Ipoh/KL via the Gua Musang route up to Cameron Highlands & down to Simpang Pulai.

Zoob,Kamarul,Dazuki,Maliki & afs were in the Ford Escape with three very expensive bikes on the roof - I think the cost of those bikes is as much if not more than the cost of the Ford Escape! It was a long journey because they were too cafeful with their driving due to those "diamonds" on the roof!

All in All,it was a rewarding trip with meeting up with two long lost Kutus whom I have not met for almost 35 years;supporting a Kutu's effort to make his 55th Birthday an unforgettable one;really know the "real" Kota Bharu & its people......one picture which really made the whole trip worthwhile was when ARZ hugged his 80 yr old mother at his birthplace in Tumpat (now an Orphanage) & the facial expression of a loving mother....

Most of us just dream of doing it but our ARZ did it!

Thursday, 21-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Last Leg -Road-to-55 Part Two

What a surprise! ARZ meeting Kuza & Mrs Yusof Khanis
Just look at all those faces! Guess who is TAKING the pictures?
Well,now somebody got take their pictures!
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Got up quite early in the morning - not much choice because Haji Zoob is in the same room! After breakfast,we had quite a surprise when Mrs Yusof Khanis appeared with Kuza! Actually it was a good start for anybody's morning!

It was a nice Birthday "present" for our Ahmad Ramli Zakaria who is 55 years old today & cycling his last stretch to Tumpat (his birth place) to meet his mother! What else can you ask for?

I was in the support car following Zoob & Kamarul - travelling at 30km/hour & apparently quite fast in bicycle terms! Well,it was very boring for the rest of the world!

We arrived at Kamarul's parents house at Kubang Kerian around 1300hrs where we unpacked & freshened up to meet up with ARZ at Tumpat scheduled around 1600hrs.

At last around 1605hrs,our ARZ arrived at his birthplace Tumpat & was greeted by the occupants of the Orphanage plus all his family members & most of all by his mother, Puan Umi Halimah......On top of all that ARZ managed to collect Rm43,100 for the Yayasan Anak-Anak Yatim Kelantan!

What a way to celebrate your 55th birthday! Well Done brudder Kutu Ahmad Ramli Zakaria!

We had dinner of Nasi Beriyani Kambing (best in the world punya!) cooked by ARZ's niece, Kartika plus Laksa,Laksam etc etc.......Syed Hashim,eat your hearts out,babe!

Some of us namely Zoob,Kamarul,Hafiz,Maleki,Duzuki & reluctantly afs decided to wander about the city of Kota Bharu,Kelantan after 2300hrs......all I can say here is that Kota Bharu is really a misunderstood place! Just for record,we got back to the house at 0200hrs and please don't ask any questions!

Wednesday, 20-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Last Leg -Road-to-55 Part One

First stop around Pulau Banding area
A rather long stop
Majlis Bandaran KB
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I started my journey to Kelantan by taking the 1000hrs Coach from Ipoh on Tuesday 19th July 2005...nice bus & about three-quarter full....first stop quite a long time somewhere around Pulau Banding.

Arrived at 0400hrs on 20th July....so what to do at this time of the morning in Kota Bharu,Kelantan? Not much! After a Nescafe Tarik at a stall & a "wanderabout" found a hotel near Chinatown - Hotel ANDA - for a short nap & a bath,it was great.

Met up with Kutu Nazim Noor - ENT at GH Kota Bharu - first time after 35 years! Went to his house on the way to Nik Din (Kak Am's house).

After lunch at Kak Am's,went by taxi to Bachok to meet up with Kutu Abdul Rahman Zakaria (also another MIA after 35 years!) - went to D'Bali Boat Villa & Resort at Tok Bali (with the compliments of the owner - OP Yusof Khanis)

Met up with Zoob & Doc Olmo who arrived a bit earlier at the Resort - ARZ & Mahmood (his brother) arrived around 1700hrs & Nazim Noor arrived around 1725hrs at the Resort - after a short breather,we all went for a tour around Muara Tok Bali & had a Durian feast at the Pasar Malam (Petang?) nearby.

Had BBQ at the Resort with everybody there - Kamarul,Zoob & afs in one room & please note that Kamarul & Zoob's bikes "slept" with us in the room (for obvious reason because those bikes cost more than the cost of construction of the room!) - had quite an early night,yes 2300hrs!

Wednesday, 13-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
OGRS One 1960s

Rashid,Fadzil & Noreinal at EL-Falafel,Penang
Front view of Noreinal's EL-Falafel
22nd April 2005 - Rashid,afs,Syed Razlan & Dzulkifli Razak
Just for record,we were all in the Primary school,Gurney Road School One,Kuala Lumpur from 1959-1963 (Standard One till Standard Six) - of course not all of us were there for the whole period but most of us were there in Standard Five (1962) & Standard Six (1963)

Historical gathering of four classmates of Gurney Road School One who have not met each other for almost 42 years!
They are Abdul Rashid Abdul Razak,Ahmad Fadzil Samsudin, Dato Seri Syed Razlan Jamalulail & Prof.Dato Dzulkifli Razak - Inaugral Dinner session on 22nd April 2005 at Kampachi Restaurant,Hotel Equatorial Penang - we agreed at that session to have regular meet & try to get as many "old" classmates together

The photographs are updated as we move on & just for record,the following OGRS have been "found" or still trying to find - so if anybody reading this who knows any of the Missing-in-Action OGRS,please contact me
1. Norainal Nurdin
2. Abdul Rashid Razak
3. Dato Seri Syed Razlan Jamalulail
4. Prof.Dato Dzulkifli Razak
5. Ahmad Fadzil Samsudin
6. Dollah Dol Mat
7. Hisham (Retd Maj) - belum contact
8. Kamaruddin Ibrahim
9. Mohd Dali Haron (Retd Major)
10. Nazuan Saaie
11. Dato Shariff Ahmad
12. Yassin (senior),now in Penang - belum contact
13. Nasaruddin Abdullah aka Ah Fatt (junior) - belum contact

Missing-in-action (mainly the girls - well now in their early fifties! Maybe dah jadi Opah! )
1. Azizah Mat Din - class monitor,pretty & great bully!
2. Zaleha Ismail
3. Kintan
4. Roslina
5. Budi Hartati - very pretty Indonesian girl
6. Budi Hartono - her brother!

Maybe next gathering in KL?

Friday, 8-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Akedemi Fantasia3 5th Week at Putrajaya

All ready to go
Just arrived
Aryna in her new AF3 T-shirt
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I got no choice when three girls get together to "corner" you in taking them to see the 5th session of Akedemi Fantasia3 at Putrajaya on Saturday 2nd July 2005
I was too "clever" when decided to park near the PM office & imagine walking (well,we took the bus going there but WALKED back around 3 to 4 km) to/from the Palace of Justice where the show was!

Apparently we found out later that 25,000 people attended the show & it was a great show eventhough we just watched the big screen....had our sandwiches & packaged drinks...got back to Ampang almost 0130hrs but had a great time

Most important,my beloved three girls (Aidah,Ayesha & especially my baby Aryna) enjoyed the outing

As for me,I must be one

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