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Tuesday, 3-Oct-2006 23:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Goodbye Ipoh

Master bedroom
Master bedroom wardrobe
Master Work station
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The pictures were taken almost a year ago when we decided to sell the house in Ipoh & moved to Kuala Lumpur - Hijrah and many things have happened since then albeit all for the better....sold it on 31st January 2006 and thats the end of my era in Ipoh after almost 25 years!

Yes, "Hijrah" is great & it gives a new outlook towards life especially when you are in the autumn of your life

Now looking forward to a new life in the city of Kuala Lumpur at least for another 25 years!

Sunday, 30-Jul-2006 07:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
First Cycling Competition - Malakoff Duathalon

Summary of the Race
Whole family -including our helpers!
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It may seem a little bit strange how I started cycling when I won my first bike (a Proton Blaze mountain bike) as a lucky draw prize on 10th March 2006 ...I was very sure that the draw was "fixed" by Amir Pujangga & even more surprising when I won a Proton T-Bolt mountain bike as a an NTP (Nearest to the Pin) prize at an OPA Golf game in Johore on 1st April 2006 - April's Fool ? So since that day,there's no turning back! Got a Proton T-Sprint Road bike on 6th April 2006 & that's it...at least hitting 120km per week!

Now I caught the cycling bug & have been the "clown" since serious cycling on 23rd March 2006 till now...frankly dare not put up photos of cycling for quite sometime because a bit worried that I would give it up after a few months!

Well,after buying a new Wilier Triestina Imperiale (Italian) priced at Ringgit five figures , it has become a serious affair! So have to enter a serious cycling competition & that is the Malakoff Duathalon where you got to RUN 10km, CYCLE 50km & RUN 5km on 30th July 2006 at Putrajaya......crazy eh at 54 yrs old!

Had a great time at the Duathalon as Competitor number 248 Category 50yrs-59 yrs (only 19 of us) = Results?
Completed the Race in 4 hours 11 mins,so managed to get the Finisher's medal & got number 193/228 & also 16/19 for Age category (mind u......two fellows in my age category ended their race in an ambulance )

Not bad for a first try at 54 years old!

Thursday, 25-May-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dinner at Aman Shah's in Ipoh

Arab on the phone & Zoob with his nicortine stick
Now afs with Arab!
Jong,afs,Aman,Arab,Pedro,Zoob,Chandrakumar & Charlie with baby
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Zoob,Pedro,Arab,Jong,Charlie Bamba,Chandrakumar & afs managed to meet up with Kutu KC Aman at his house in Ipoh in the evening of 25th May 2006

Food such as Ayam Belada,Daging Kicap,Pajari cooked by KC Aman Shah & of course duly assisted by his beloved wife Wan Aidah......our Yang Ariff JCJong brought some soup topedo & roti bengali all the way from Penang & I am quite sure that his driver Jude has a lot of questions to ask but dare not!

Had a great time & we hope that more Kutus will join us next time

Thursday, 4-May-2006 12:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
RMC Vs Rest of the World

Erlina & Nadia
Kelas 66 heroes
Dirty old men
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My senior OP Azman Mahmood decided to organise & also generously sponsor a golf game at Bukit Beruntong GC in the morning of 4th May 2006.
There were 24 players consisting of 12 from each team....great comradeship & fellowship... But RMC lost to the Rest of the World
Now Azman got no choice but got to arrange & sponsor for a MONTHLY game in order for RMC to win 0)

Saturday, 15-Apr-2006 20:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aryna's 10th Birthday

My three Girls!
Kak Aidah & Aryna
Mak Mah joining in
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Yep Yep Yep,it is Aryna 10th Birthday on 15th April 2006 ...slowly but surely she is no longer a baby!

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